Learning in London: International guests visit London Academy


victor, colin and colleagues

The London Academy recently hosted a group of prospective diplomats from Romania.

The aspirant diplomats are participating in a programme of study visits and discussions to many parts of Europe organised by the Partnership for Europe, a Romanian based organisation with contacts and links across Europe and beyond.

Their packed programme of visits in the UK took in visits to see how local authorities work, visits to the Foreign Office and to the Romanian embassy.  They came to the London Academy to find out more about how the private, public and not for profit sectors can work together and to explore the concept of economic diplomacy.

In a wide ranging and lively discussion, we explored together various examples of economic diplomacy – from China to Turkey to the USA.  The group discussed and debated how different countries link diplomacy to the promotion of national economic interests.  UK foreign development and aid policy was also put under the microscope.

Posted by Vijay Amin

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